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I was born in rural Central Texas and spent a lifetime taking things apart, fixing some things and building all sorts of other things. I always had a natural interest in art and was fortunate to have parents and early school teachers who encouraged this interest and talent. After years of carrying on a family tradition of carpentry and home building, I took the plunge into the great pool of the arts full time in 1992 and haven't looked back since.

Donald Pimpler
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Artist: Endangered Species

Nov 16, 2012 to Jan 1, 2022

Cameron, TX


Endangered Species Studio's "ANTHOLOGIES" is a Collection of The Old, The New and The Uncommon. Art and art supplies, Antiques, Gifts, Handcrafted, Re-Creations, Vintage and a continuous Evolution

Dallas Arboretum

Artist: Endangered Species

Apr 22, 2016 to Apr 24, 2016

Dallas, TX

Member preview Fri. 04-22. Open to public Sat. & Sun

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Selected Worksby Donald Pimpler

" "Dillo Frio"" - $395.00

On a Bright Sunny Day

"On a Bright Sunny Day" - $125.00

"" - $375.00

A Good Friend

"A Good Friend" - $0.00

Small Bottle Tree

"Small Bottle Tree" - $165.00

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Bottle Trees

Bottle Trees

We offer three varieties of bottle trees for your viewing pleasure. Bottle trees are a southern tradition. See more about the history of the bottle tree and our full line of bottle trees. See our Full Line.

Large Bottle Tree - $575.00

Medium Bottle Tree - $295.00

Small Bottle Tree - $165.00

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