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Artist: Endangered Species

Nov 16, 2012 to Jan 1, 2022

Cameron, TX


Endangered Species Studio's "ANTHOLOGIES" is a Collection of The Old, The New and The Uncommon. Art and art supplies, Antiques, Gifts, Handcrafted, Re-Creations, Vintage and a continuous Evolution

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Profile: Peggy Pimpler

I have been a full time artist since 1991, during this time my art has changed and evolved greatly. I have always been intrigued by discarded objects, either natural or man-made. My joy comes from giving them new life in my artwork. The associative power of these familiar things has become my favorite artist too.

Sometimes I begin a piece with a concept but other times it's as if the bits and pieces have a voice of their own. At...

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Peggy Pimpler
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Birds n' Bees Whirligig
Selected Works

BA Ladybug

"BA Ladybug" - $0.00

Channel Cats

"Channel Cats" - $125.00

Message Bird

"Message Bird" - $65.00

Totem Pole

"Totem Pole" - $0.00

Playing Her Own Song

"Playing Her Own Song" - $65.00

Bottle Trees

Bottle Trees

We offer three varieties of bottle trees for your viewing pleasure. Bottle trees are a southern tradition. See more about the history of the bottle tree and our full line of bottle trees. See our Full Line.

Large Bottle Tree - $575.00

Medium Bottle Tree - $295.00

Small Bottle Tree - $165.00

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Our whirlygig has 6 shafts with stars, planets, and crescent moons spinning in opposite directions of its neighbors. You can mount it at any height.

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